Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"It's Only Fitting..."

Today I actually spent time with Pat for my initial shroud fitting!  She has selected wonderful organic materials (muslin for the main body of the shroud and an almost sheer jersey for the face covering).  Pat will add a pocket, right on my heart, to hold lavender and rosemary (but mostly lavender because it's my favorite!!)  We're imagining that the pocket will be made from tulle with a ribbon of some sort.  She'll embellish the bodice with a map I have selected from the very book SHE told me about a couple of years ago..."The Atlas of Experience."  I love maps...always have!  This particular map is so unique and illustrates mortality in the most fascinating way. Pat captured a photo of me pored over the book, pondering the map.  Was I thinking about how many miles I have left on this earthly journey?  Or perhaps thinking about the deeper meaning of the points "Here" and "Elsewhere" labeled on the map? Hmmm...maybe just how blessed I am to be experiencing this whole freaking fabulous thing!!! 

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